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Science and Technology Group

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Our Mission Statement

   Science and Technology Group (STG) is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit corporation founded in November 2001 to promote technology education for K-12 youth through experiential learning and partnerships with workplace technical professionals, primarily scientist and engineers. STG is principally a catalyst organization that provides infrastructure, training, and other support to facilitate volunteer technical professionals in their interaction with students in a defined area of service.

Mission & Goals

   The current objective of this organization is simple: get students excited about science, math, and technology. We will accomplish this via the competitive robotics programs.

Strategic Objectives

· Create and foster excitement for science and technology in K-12 youth through competitive science activities modeled after athletic competitions.

· Use science competitions as a vehicle to involve volunteer technical professionals in the education process.

· Develop inquiry-based curriculum based on the concepts used in the competitions, in order to reach all students and enable systemic change in science and technology education.

· Reach out to all segments of the student population who are underrepresented in science and technology.


   STG is a volunteer organization in which many people and organizations devote a large amount of time to STG’s activities. The strength of STG is the volunteers.


Amber Williamson, President                  Andy Marts, Vice President

Deborah Chatman, Secretary                Marianne Pyeatt, Treasurer

Board Members

Deborah Chatman          Marianne Pyeatt            Andy Marts

Amber Williamson         Joe Gamelin                    Jackie Meissner

Vincent Anderson          Melissa Steiner             Rick Steiner